Probability: The Rubiks Cube is in Every Possible Position

Written by Swen Ekaf. September 13, 2019

The Rubiks cube is a entertainment toy that has reached large popularity, selling an estimated total of 350 million units according to Times Magazine.

From advertising during the early days of the Rubik's Cube it is claimed (and later confirmed) that there are "3 million positions and only one solution." Despite being only just a toy, the Rubiks Cube is a perfect example of probability in the classroom, however, a disturbing trend has been noticed with the Rubik's Cube. The number of three million combinations has largely confused and concerned several Probability Scientists, as it doesn't work with the math they use, from this scientists have been working on creating a more accurate system to better predict and account for probability.

While to some this is a blow to the scientific community, others have taken this chance to celebrate, such a large leap in understanding in such a short amount of time is incredibly rare within the sciences, the humble Rubik's Toy, oft forgotten and left to the side could be the catalyst for a scientific explosion.